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World Game Wild (WGWC) is an innovative digital asset based on the Klaytn blockchain. This project aims to provide users with a groundbreaking experience that transcends the boundaries of gaming and finance. WGWC serves as a key component of the offline casino and game solution ecosystem, especially utilized in hold’em games and meta gaming environments.

The vision of WGWC is to build a global financial and gaming ecosystem that transcends the boundaries of digital gaming and the metaverse, including partnerships with offline casino hotels. By leveraging blockchain technology to offer digital assets that hold real value and can be freely traded within games, we aim to provide users with a new dimension of experience.

WGWC Goals

Integration of offline casinos

Hold'em Game and Meta Game Integration

WGWC Innovation

Integration of offline casinos with hold’em games and meta games.

Offline Casinos

The WGWC project introduces innovative solutions for offline casino users as well. To accommodate this, a dedicated WGWC payment gateway and wallet are introduced, allowing the use of WGWC tokens even in offline casinos. Through this system, users can directly exchange chips for WGWC tokens at offline casinos and securely store them in their digital wallets.

This functionality enables flexible use of WGWC tokens in both online and offline environments, offering users the following benefits:

By exchanging chips for WGWC tokens at offline casinos, tokens are safely stored in the user’s digital wallet. This provides a way to manage assets without the risk of loss or theft.

Users can liquidate WGWC tokens stored in their wallets on various global exchanges. This facilitates the conversion into real assets, further expanding financial freedom.

The exchanged WGWC tokens can be used on various platforms including online casinos, betting, hold’em, and meta games. This significantly broadens the scope of WGWC token utilization, enriching user experience.

The WGWC project seeks to integrate online and offline experiences. Users can connect their real casino experiences to digital assets, opening new possibilities in gaming and financial activities.


The WGWC token is the cornerstone digital asset of the World Game Wild project, implemented on the Klaytn blockchain. This token is utilized for various purposes within the project’s ecosystem, including in-game transactions, rewards, staking, and participation in governance. WGWC serves as a medium that allows users to create economic value through activities that bridge the realms of gaming and finance.

Distribution Plan


Development Team and Early Investors


Community Rewards and Incentive Programs


Partnerships and Strategic Alliances


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Token Information

Token Name

World Game Wild





Initial Issuance

1 billion WGWC

Maximum Supply

1 billion WGWC

Smart Contract

[Klaytnscope link]

The Technical Architecture of WGWC

The technical architecture of the WGWC project is built upon the Klaytn blockchain platform and consists of various technical elements that enable the integration of gaming and finance. This architecture lays the foundation for safe and efficient token use and optimizes the user experience.

WGWC Roadmap

The WGWC project plans to realize its long-term vision through clear milestones. Here are the key stages and planned activities: